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S.W.A.G.S. - Students for Wymyn and Gender Studies


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Our Purpose

As our mission statement says, our purpose is to seriously consider the injustices in our world and to figure out how to change them. We believe that we can start by looking at our own lives while also examining the communities and thus the culture that we live in. SWAGS seeks to do some of this by analysing the UMKC community.

UMKC SWAGS Mission Statement:

To examine, evaluate, and expose the impacts that racism, sexism, classism, and other oppressions have on our perceptions of wymyn and gender.

UMKC SWAGS 2001-2002 Theme:

Images of Wymyn:
Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together!

UMKC SWAGS 2001-2002 Goals:

1. Increase membership of the organization
2. Increase awareness of SWAGS and thus the messages we promote
3. Work with the WGS faculty to get a Wymyn's and Gender Studies Major
4. Form connections with the community to make UMKC a central base for feminist activities.

SWAGS - 5100 Rockhill Road - Kansas City, MO 64110