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Artistic representation of a sad yet determined womyn


Thank you for visiting our site! This will be the place where we keep you updated not only on what is going on with SWAGS but also what is going on in KC, on the campus, and around the world.

Please visit this site often because we will be changing it and updating it often. If you have any suggestions please sign the guestbook!

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Sept. 8th, 2001

A couple of new things have happened since this page was last updated.

1) Roo Fair-
SWAGS had a table at the Roo Fair the first week of school. At this event our theme was "Images of Wymyn." We had pictures of our grandmother and of other important wymyn. We also have fabrics from around the world. We had a great response and got a list of almost 50 people who are interested in the group.

2) Constitution-
We applied to have our constitution changed to reflect our name and mission statement change. We were denied this by the UMKC Student Government Association (SGA) because of grammatical errors in the Constitution. Rather, we were rejected because the executive council disagreed with our political views. We researched and prepared our case (that is included here on this web page on the What's Happening page) and appeared again before them Sept. 5th. Our constitution was approved with some minor changes. However, much more significantly, we proposed some changes to the SGA that we felt were necessary. We gave the board something to think about. Please visit the what's happening page to see the whole story!

3) Protests-
There are 4 protests coming up. I don't have all the info with me now but if you e-mail us or check back later I will put it one here!

Washington D.C. Sept. 28-Oct 4th - There will be a carpool from KC if you are interested. E-mail us for more info. Here is a useful web page

Promise Keepers-
We are coordinating with a local NOW chapter in our preparations for the Promise Keepers coming to Kansas City. If you would like more info or like to help please e-mail us. Sept 21-22nd. At Bartle Hall

I don't have much info about this right now. But there will be a protest in St. Louis against Monsanto. I think it is in early Oct. I will let you know.

Police Brutality-
Oct. 22 is the international day against Police Brutality. There will be an event in KC. I will let you know more about this as it comes closer.

4) Open Mic Night
We are working with the UMKC literary club to come up with a wymyn's open mic night for poetry, music, slam poetry, anything that comes out. We will be looking for a lot of help with this.

5) Business Cards
We now have business cards! KC Free Health Clinic helped us pay for these cards! They look great. I will be scanning on onto the web page very soon! On one side there is information about our organization. On the other is very important phone numbers like Planned Parenthood and the Rape Crisis Line. If you would like one-please e-mail us and we will send you one.

6) Petitions
There are 3 petitions that we are circulating. All of them will soon be on this web page!

CEDAW which asks for international acceptance of the Conventions for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Elimination of the "Indian Mascot" at Manhattan High School

To push for a Wymyn's and Gender Studies Major at UMKC!

7) Sexual Orientation clause
We are working with several members of the UMKC body who have transferred from the MU system as well as Craig Blessing who is the President of the GLBTQ group at UMKC. He is attending a conference in Chicago right now to help figure out how to get it changed for the whole state! This clause would add "sexual orientation" as a protected class.

8) Threads articles
We have written 3 articles for the WGS newsletter "threads." Pat wrote an article on the importance of traditional healers when adopting AIDS prevention programs in Africa. Kasia wrote an article on Dr. Holsinger's summer program, which brought UMKC students to institutionalize grrls as mentors. SWAGS also wrote an article about previous SWAGS events as well as future plans.

9) Join Women's Collaboration
SWAGS was asked to join the Collaboration at UMKC which consists of representatives from the UMKC WGS faculty, local women's group and the Association of University Women. Our first meeting is coming up soon!

10) Member in a band
One of our members, Abigail Henderson, is in a local country/rock band named Trouble Junction. Whenever she plays we will let you know. She plays guitar and sings! Go Abby!

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Putting the pieces together!
Mission Statement:
To examine, evaluate, and expose the impact that racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppressions have on our perceptions of wymyn and gender.

Please sign our guestbook to offer comments and join our mailing list.

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